Free Online tool to Remove diacritics (accents) from keywords and keyphrases

PPC Monkey is a comprehensive online tool for saving and managing keyword lists.

One of its built-in functions is that you can remove diacritics either from generated keyword combinations or a single keyword list.

Why is diacritics removal tool necessary?

If you create PPC campaigns in a language using diacritics (accents) or need to use some words that use accents it is important that you include both combinations with and without diacritics. This is especially important for the phrase and exact match where both variations are treated as separate phrases in most PPC systems including the Google AdWords.

Why use the PPC Monkey tool?

The PPC Monkey has a built-in diacritics stripper that will help you automatically generate phrases without accents.

The remove diacritics tool works for all languages using the latin alphabet.

If you search for a tool that will generate diacritics-free versions of your keywords or combined keyphrases try the PPC Monkey now.

Of course, you can choose to include both versions with and without diacritics grouped together!