Keywords management for Google AdWords and other PPC systems using the PPC Monkey

How do you manage results of your keyword research?

Do you type keyword combinations directly into the web interface?

Or are you lost in a collection of your own little databases, text files and spreadsheets?

None of this is optimal. Either you will miss many alternative keyword combinations or the job of maintaining them will be just too big, time consuming and at the end frustrating.

PPC Monkey offers a solution without any of those drawbacks.

How does it work?

The trick is to save keywords from your keyword research to your own personal and secure online database. You can search and edit keyword lists in a matter of seconds if you need to reuse them.

But the PPC Monkey keyword management system is not only simple database for storing and reusing your keywords.

How is it different?

PPC Monkey has a different approach to saving keyword lists.

Consider this example of keyphrases you identify in your keyword research phrase:

  • cheap adwords software
  • affordable adwords software
  • free adwords tool
  • discount adwords tools

If you save your keyword list in this form it is OK and you can do it in the PPC Monkey too. But it is not the most effective way.

Imagine that instead of this one keyword list you save two keyword lists like these:

Keyword list 1

  • cheap
  • affordable
  • free
  • discount

Keyword list 2

  • software
  • tool
  • tools

If you do this in the PPC Monkey not only you will save your keyword lists in a more manageable way but with a click of a button you can generate all their combinations which would manually take you a long time to identify:

  • cheap software
  • cheap tool
  • cheap tools
  • affordable software
  • affordable tool
  • affordable tools
  • free software
  • free tool
  • free tools
  • discount software
  • discount tool
  • discount tools

But the most important advantage of this approach is that you can much more easily update and expand your keyword lists.

Let's say after you have generated keyphrases for your campaign and later you discover another usefull variation for example word inexpensive.

All you need to do now is to combine:

inexpensive with

Keyword list 2

  • software
  • tool
  • tools

and add to your campaign resulting combinations:

  • inexpensive software
  • inexpensive tool
  • inexpensive tools

Also you will update your Keyword list 1 with the word inexpensive so that you can reuse it in the future.

Of course, the true effect of time savings will be evident after you update and create combinations with more then one new keyword.

Try the PPC Monkey now and see if it works for you too.